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ICANN Ombudsman Report Issued – Someone is a bit Touchy!

I don’t know what the ICANN Ombudsman does. I still can’t really figure it out by reading the 2007 ICANN Ombudsman Report. I do find it interesting that it cites an online discussion at the UMass Law School in Amherst, MA as one of its accomplishments. UMass does not (unfortunately) have a law school.

I must credit the Ombudsman with one thing, he is not afraid to publicize the opinions of his most ardent critics!

Dear Mr. Fowlie,

Thank you very much for your email and notification that you will not take any action on a moral, ethical and legal issue of Russians depriving the free world of millions of dollars of hard currency with absolute impunity.

ICANN is a regulatory organisation entrusted with REGULATING the World Wide Web and doing this in a manner that will make it impossible for criminals to utilise the World Wide Web for their filthy purposes.

However, I and many others see that ICANN has gone mad with its lunatic attitude about the manner in which it supervises allocation of the global domain name system and today we see that Russians, a nation with no belief in any moral or ethical concerns or God is openly exploiting the web with impunity to de absolute evil.

This is absolutely ridiculous and the attitude that you have taken on the issue when you are a responsible member of this organisation is even more ridiculous.

It appears Sir that you are accustomed to taking your fat salary for doing nothing in a position which was entrusted
to you so that you could do some good.

I think that the ridiculous oprganisation which ICANN has proven itself to be requires that all its upstart and irresponsible members, including you, should receive a thorough beating till you come to your senses. I wish that I could personally thrash you so well that your soddiness could come to your senses.

However, because I cant take a stick and beat the shit out of you filthy good for nothing idiot, I intend to bring your callous attitude to the attention of the press and the US government. It is about time that this soddy private organisation was thoroughly overhauled so that it did bring morality and ethics to the WWW, something which an idiot like you neither has an inclination of doing nor the will despite your fat pay check.

Thanks for nothing assehole. (source – page 6)

I can’t say that I agree wholeheartedly with the above sentiments, but they were good for a laugh.

Hat tip to Nom de Domaine!

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