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If you're going to publish a "sucks" site… it should actually criticize the subject

There is a new cybersquatter in town, and he goes by the name of Gu Bei. He registered the domain name . Normally, that would be the kind of thing that this blogger would stick up for, defend, and rail against the mark holder for trying to take down.

Not this time.

Mr. “Gu Bei” is a serial cybersquatter. He has a huge portfolio of domains that all correspond to the trademarks of famous businesses. One of his games is to create “sucks” sites, but have them refer to… you guessed it…. pay per click pages.

Radio Shack took him to task, filing a complaint with WIPO. Mr. Bei, not surprisingly, did not respond, and the panel correctly transferred the domain to Radio Shack. See TRS Quality v. Gu Bei, WIPO Case No. 2009-1077.

Somewhere, many men in short sleeved shirts and ties are rejoicing.

H/T to Spielman.

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