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It’s Raining (Very Fat) Men!

Ok, I admit it, I stole the headline from Deadspin. So, consider it a tribute to that blog’s headline writing genius.

In addition to Deadspin, MSNBC reports:

NEW YORK – A New York Mets fan has filed suit, contending a drunken, 300-pound man fell on her during the home opener at Shea Stadium and broke her back.

After serving as a landing pad for a drunken Mets fan (by the way, we harbor no ill will toward the Mets on this blog), she spent two weeks in the hospital, had spinal surgery, and apparently has some pretty exotic metal hardware to carry with her for a while.

What do the mets have to say?

“We believe the claim has no merit,” the Mets said in a statement.

Huh? Exqueeze me?

Perhaps it does have no merit. Then again, it might. What is their defense? She assumed the risk that a drunk idiot would fall on her? Then again, what preventative measures could the Mets have taken?

While the Mets appear to have decent legal counsel, they should torture their public relations firm with angry bees and David Hasselhoff’s music.

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