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Jack Thompson Didn't Get the AutoAdmit Memo

Apparently Jack Thompson, asshat of the century, is suing Facebook because Facebook won’t stop its members from being mean to him. (complaint here, courtesy of Popehat).

Naturally, it is 31 flavors of batshit crazy — just what you would expect from Jack. Speaking of Popehat, no sense in analyzing the complaint when Ken does an ass kicking job of it over at our soul-brother blawg.

I will, however, offer up a comparison.

As batshit nutty as ol’ Jack can be, and this case is no exception, his legal theory isn’t really all that original. This is pretty much the same legal theory that the Auto Admit plaintiffs tried to use against one of the employees of that site. Compare this complaint to Jack’s.

Personally, I think that Jack’s is more well written. The only real difference between the two is that I’d bet that Jack would actually be fun to hang out with, if you could get him to agree to keep certain topics off the table. (Jack, for what it’s worth, if you read this, I hereby invite you out for a night of getting shitfaced). In the Auto Admit case, there’s nothing but sanctimonious patrician whining.

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