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WTF, Wisconsin?! You Disappoint Me . . .

By: Zac Papantoniou

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years (or possibly living “off the grid” in the back-woods of Wisconsin), you may not know that “WTF” has become a commonplace acronym for asking, “What the Fuck?” (Source). Apparently, no one told this to the people in charge at the old “Wisconsin Tourism Federation (WTF),” because once the blog “” got a hold of the WTF’s logo (which prominently displayed the letters, “WTF,” above the organization’s name) and a few of the blog’s commenters had some fun with Wisconsin’s little word-blunder, the WTF took notice, and renamed themselves as the, “Tourism Federation of Wisconsin (TFW).” But the question that begs to be asked is . . . WTF?!

Wisconsin, I want to speak to you for a moment. You are “America’s Dairyland,” the land of the “Cheesehead,” and the Green Bay Packers. Wisconsin, you are known for your freezing weather bringing out legions of painted, shirtless, fat dudes, who catch flying football players in their arms, while those players are doing something called the “Lambeau Leap.”

Wisconsin, with a beer-brat in one hand and a “Milwaukee’s Best” in the other, you are that one uncle that gets drunk at the family reunion and accidently hits on your barely-legal niece . . . much to the chagrin and uncomfortable laughter of the rest of the family.

....and after.
....and after.
Wisconsin, you are the unofficial home of Vince Lombardi, and Brett Fav . . . ok, scratch the last one . . . you are tough, fun, easy to get along with and could care less what the rest of us in the other 49 states think about your somewhat backwards (but always amusing) ways. So, why change the damn name of your tourism department, just because a couple of internet geeks got their jollies making fun of your logo . . . WTF?!

Wisconsin, you disappoint me. You could have left the name/logo the same and in a couple months, no one would have noticed; now, your name/logo change is being written about all the way across the pond (that’s in the U.K. for those not hip to the script). The limey’s are making fun of you now . . . we saved their ass in “the Big One”! Wisconsin, I still like you, but with a heavy heart I now have to nominate you for the “Ass-Hat of the Day Award.”

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