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Take Down "David Blade, Attorney at Law" and — Who's with me?

When it comes to porn, here are my rules:

Rule #1: The subjects must be adults
Rule #2: The subjects must be consenting adults

If you don’t break either of those rules, I am on your side. I will defend your right to make, watch, display, and sell that content.

Break either rule, and I want to hurt you for the damage you do to others.

I want to hurt I want to hurt them bad. Who’s with me?

Here’s their business plan:

Step one: Register the domain name “”

Step two: Get ahold of nude photos of people who never consented to having their photos published.

Step three: Publish them, along with their names, home towns, and links to their facebook profiles.

So now how do you “profit?”

Well, openly saying “I’ll take down the photo for $250,” would probably create some legal issues for you. So, instead, you create a fake lawyer persona and say “I am an internet lawyer, named David Blade, III, and I’ll get your pics down for $250.” Here is the full text of his bullshit:

Advertisement Disclaimer: This is a paid advertisement by David Blade | Attorney-at-Law

Hello! I’m the Takedown Lawyer and so far, I’ve had 42 clients come to me to have their pictures and information removed from Is Anybody Down, all of whom were a success! I have people’s pictures and information taken down from sites like these all the time; including over 38 removals from the original “Is Anyone Up” over the past 2 years.

My guarantee is that your pictures and information will be taken down within 48 hours for a lot less than what the average lawyer will charge you. If your pictures and info aren’t removed, I will refund your money.

Your costs with me will generally be $200-$300, which is far less than most lawyers will charge for a mere consultation of your case.

I’m so confident in my abilities as an attorney that I took out an ad on this page just to show you that I mean business. I understand that sites like these can cause many problems in your personal life and I want to help you get your peace of mind and privacy back!

Please check out my website, for more info, or you can contact me directly at

Don’t delay! Your safety and security might depend on it!

Edit: Updated September 21st.

I have had 42 clients removed this website at this point. The administrator of this website has complied with me on 100% of cases so far.

My work is pro bono, and at a reduced filing fee, which is comparatively inexpensive.

If you see that content is removed from this website in the future – It means that I was hired.

I work as a Public Defender for the State of New York. I’m a real attorney – not an ‘internet lawyer’.

I attended college with the administrator of this website. We are on a first name basis and regularly converse.

Our big disagreement is this website – He tells me that he is doing nothing wrong and that the client’s pictures should stay up forever.

I tell him in response that he should be ashamed and should remove all of them.

In response, as a compromise, I’ve agreed to pay to advertise here in order to assist people who are at the point of hiring someone to have their pictures removed from sites like these.

I don’t want anyone to be taken advantage of by fake internet lawyers who promise content removal and then wind up being unable to deliver.

Having read the emails in the ‘legal section’ of this website, I am confident that I would have had their content removed without any of the hassles they faced as a result of hiring ‘internet lawyers’.

I offer a guaranteed money-back refund in the event that your content either remains on this website, or is removed and then re-uploaded.

Most cases take 3 hours or less (!) to have their content removed from this website.

I’m looking forward to helping you remove your unwanted, infringing content so that you can move on with your life.

Best Regards,

-David Blade | Attorney-at-Law

Well, go here and see if you can find a David Blade licensed in NY:

I didn’t find one.

Hmmm…. 100% success rate on this site. Lets dig deeper:

Whois information for here.
Whois information for Mr. Blade’s website at here.

Hmm, that seems awfully coincidental.

We have the same name on the domain name registration, a “New York lawyer” who is not actually listed in the directory of attorneys in New York, and a 100% success rate when people “hire” this “lawyer” by sending him $250 through PayPal.

If anyone out there has been scammed by these crooks, contact me. I will represent you pro bono. If you’re not in one of my states of licensure (AZ, CA, FL, MA, NV) then contact me anyhow, and I’ll get you in touch with someone in your state.

P.S.: I did have an email exchange with “David Blade.” Here it is, for your enjoyment.

UPDATE 11/13/2012 – Randazza Legal Group is no longer accepting pro bono cases regarding unless you are a resident of the Las Vegas metro area.

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