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Look Who John McCain "Pals Around With"

Look who McCain "pals around with."  Rep. Bob Allen, former co-chair of McCain's Flori-duh campaign
Look who McCain 'pals around with.' Rep. Bob Allen, former co-chair of McCain's Flori-duh campaign

The next time some moron neocon tries to feed you the “pals around with terrorists” line about Obama, remind them of the guy who was McCain’s campaign chair in Flori-duh. Well, that is until he got caught offering an undercover cop $20 for the privilege of giving him a blowjob in a dirty public rest room. He later tried to say it was all a misunderstanding arising from his fear of Teh Negroez.

I find nothing wrong with Bob Allen being gay. I do find something wrong with his race-baiting. I find nothing wrong with him offering a guy $20 for a sex act. I think that both prostitution and homosexuality are personal choices, and well, live-and-let-live, whatever-floats-your-boat, etc.

I say that neither Bob Allen nor William Ayers is truly relevant when considering who to vote for, nor is either relevant with respect to how each would govern. However, Caribou Barbie and her supporters will shriek until your windowpanes break that Ayers is relevant. If Ayers is relevant, then so is Bob Allen. If Ayers is relevant to Obama’s judgment, then how is McCain’s selection of Allen to run his campaign in Flori-duh not highly relevant?

Ayers may have held a meeting at his house where he expressed support for Obama. They certainly served on boards together. Lets say, just for shits and giggles, that they actually did “pal around” together… had a few beers, shot a few hoops. Ayers’ criminal career ended when Obama was 8. By the time Ayers and Obama met, Ayers was a professor at a public university. On the other hand, Bob Allen was paying $20 a pop to suck strangers’ dicks while he was the co-chair of McCain’s Florida campaign.

Now, this no more makes McCain a supporter of the phantom “homosexual agenda,” than Obama’s “friendship” with Ayers makes him a “terrorist.” But if one is true, then so is the other — which puts at least half of the Republican base in a logical pickle.

Bob Allen only pisses me off because he is a hypocrite — as are McCain’s homophobic supporters who also whine about Ayers. Here in Flori-duh, a complete ass-hat by the very nazi-sounding name of John Stemberger managed to get a “defense of marriage” amendment on the ballot. (Hussein does sound Arabic… Stemberger sounds nazi).

Of course, Amendment 2 is yet another gossamer-thin attempt to draw out the evangelical and homophobic vote – in the hopes that they’ll then vote Republican. The Republican Party of Florida has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the “Amendment 2” cause. I hope that their homophobic redneck supporters remember that when they are in that voting booth, a vote for McCain is a vote for a guy who “pals around with” guys who blow strangers (and black ones at that) in public rest rooms.

Stick that up your ass in an airport bathroom, “values voters.”

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