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Big Shocker: Anger, Fear, and Racism at a Palin Rally

You have to watch this video.

I suppose that it is no great surprise. There are legitimate reasons to vote for McCain or against Obama, as the case may be. Jason Fischer put forth an excellent case and never descended into race-baiting, Ayers-baiting, Wright-baiting, master-baiting, or any other “baiting”. Unfortunately, conservatives like Fischer seem to have been pushed to the margins of the current conservative movement.

Instead we have nut-balls like Gayle Quinnell, the “crazy McCain lady.” (Not to be confused with Sarah Palin — Palin has a much nicer wardrobe). Worse yet, we have downright lowlives like James Dobson, Don Wildmon, and John Stemberger speaking for the conservative side of the aisle, and following them are these uneducated, unintelligent, idiocrats.

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