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Random Thoughts

Someone stole the Arbeit Macht Frei sign from Auschwitz. What in the hell are they going to DO with it? Put it on the mantle? Observers are calling it an act of anti-semitism, which seems a little bit strange to me. It is anti-semitic to wreck a piece of a concentration camp? Who knew.

I welcome our new Persian overlords. Okay, not really… but it seems that some Iranians hacked into Twitter and shut it down for a little while. My only complaint? That they didn’t just shut the stupid fad down permanently.

Not only is gay marriage now legal in the District of Columbia, but Mayor Fenty signed the bill in a church. Of course, Congress has the authority to override DC municipal ordinances, so you can expect some serious screaming from the MSZJ fundamentalists in Congress come January.

And the health care bill is held up because of kvetching about federal abortion funding. I’m all for the right to choose (although I don’t personally support the choice to abort). But, if I didn’t get to be there for the sex, why should I have to pay for the abortion? The government should give out free norplant, condoms, vasectomies, IUD devices, and tubal ligation surgeries, but abortions? Pay for that crap yourself, deadbeat.

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