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Reason 245 Why I Love Sweden

I guess the Zamboni can't handle the Super Dong
The Zamboni can't handle the Super Dong

From the Legal Satyricon Sports Desk:

A hockey game between Stockholm’s AIK team and the visiting Leksand team was delayed several times because fans threw so many dildos onto the ice. Fans held up a huge sign that said “BEND OVER BITCH” and waved a six foot tall inflatable penis.

Apparently this is not a frequent occurrence at Swedish hockey games. However, earlier this year, Leksand defender Jan Huokko’s cell phone was stolen and some explicit video of him and his girlfriend screwing was found by the thief and posted on teh internets.

Prior to the game, the AIK booster club’s website instructed fans to bring dildos to unsettle Huokko.

That isn’t why I love Sweden. This is why I love Sweden.

Swedish paper The Local reported that the AIK organization knew about the fans’ plan but decided not to intervene.

“We heard mention of it, but decided that it would only be worse if we went out and told the fans they were absolutely not allowed to throw dildos on the ice,” said AIK club head Mats Hedenstrom to the newspaper. (source)

Sadly, anywhere in America, the local authorities would demand that fans respect their authoritah and would have declared martial law to keep this from happening. Tasers probably would have been involved.

Jag älskar Sverige!!!!
Jag älskar Sverige!!!!

Miraculously, despite the fact that thousands of people saw the dildos and the inflatable penis, fire and brimstone did not rain down on Stockholm, nor did any children die.

Some video of the incident here.

HT: Blawg Review

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