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Reps. Lee and Weiner: The case against pay dating sites

By J. DeVoy

While normally totally useless, Congress has taught us quite a bit about online dating.  Namely, paying for it is a fool’s game.  Chris Lee trolled for women and transsexuals on Craigslist.  Weiner, now infamously, used twitter and facebook to set up his fwb’s.  I have no judgment about what these men did or liked, other than believing Weiner is a dumbass for crafting an elaborate web of lies that later collapsed under its own weight, and deserves to lose his office for that alone.

What do all of these services have in common? Craigslist: FREE. Facebook: FREE. Twitter: FREE AND UNPROFITABLE. ALL OF THEM ARE FREE.  Why are you paying $12-20/mo for when dudes obviously are having success using Facebook and Twitter and, hell, even Craigslist?  Niche dating sites make sense, and I would pay $20/month for if it had real female members.  But for an aimless service like when you just want to hook up?  Skip the charade of dating and go the free, somewhat seedy routes; clearly it’s where all the action is.

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