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Democrat shaming strategy beginning already

By J. DeVoy

In addition to last month’s anemic job growth, other numbers are mounting up against Barack Obama.  In particular, the youth who handed him his 2008 victory, are slowly deserting him.  With 85% of the class of 2011 moving back into their parents’ basements, it’s easy to understand why.  Yes, the president doesn’t control the economy, but he surely hasn’t made it better, or taken actions that would improve the situation – cutting spending, using whatever tools he has to end the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program (the most potent of which being to tell people what it is), and not getting into a land war in Libya would be good starting points.

Out of political ammunition and burdened by the yoke of being proven political failures, democrats are using the only blunt tool they can frantically grab: shame.  If you don’t support Obama, you’re racist.  It’s already happening, as the GOP’s initiatives are likened to Jim Crow-era America by the DNC.  As being merely accused of racism has become America’s high holy sacrilege, even if the claim is meritless, the social and professional stigma of not publicly supporting Obama will leave an indelible stink on all Americans who are not right-thinking and right-voting (and who have dulled their senses enough to find Jon Stewart funny).  Imagine the folly of those who dare to criticize him!

If Obama wins re-election, it won’t be based on substance.  There’s very little of it, and what we’ve seen is unimpressive.  Still waiting for those Bin Laden death pics, dude!  Instead, victory will be achieved by convincing average people that they’re bad – even worse, racist – for not attempting to fix something that’s very clearly broken.

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