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Sex With Robots!

Fox News reports that David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands presented a theory that humans will begin having sex with robots within 5 years, and marry them by 2050.

Levy’s thesis, “Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners,” predicts that robots “robots will become so human-like in appearance, function and personality that many people will fall in love with them, have sex with them and even marry them.”(source)

“It may sound a little weird, but it isn’t,” Levy said. “Love and sex with robots are inevitable.”(source)

The article goes on to discuss Levy’s thesis that the reasons we fall in love with each other can all be programmed into artificial humans. Hmmm… that would certainly take a lot of the labor out of being single.

The article goes on to discuss the likelihood of sex-bots coming into their own:

In 2006, Henrik Christensen, founder of the European Robotics Research Network, predicted that people will be having sex with robots within five years, and Levy thinks that’s quite likely. (source)

Quite likely? Obviously these academics haven’t seen’s website, fuckingmachines.

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