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Slap happy at Ball State University

By J. DeVoy

An unknown assailant is tormenting the women at Ball State University by slapping two of them on the bottom.  As suddenly as the attack began, the assailant would pedal away into the darkness, “no doubt while twirling his mustache and cackling maniacally.”

The fallout has been predictable, closely following the arc of PCU‘s plot.

Of course, there are folks out there who say that this is no laughing matter, and that anyone who finds humor in this whole thing is evil and should be hunted down by a lynch mob. BSU’s student paper covered their asses adequately withthis milquetoast editorialdemanding that this crime be taken seriously, and a Facebook group that opposes “MEMEBRS” of the Ball State Ass Slapper page (IT IS NOT A JOKE!!!) is a mere 328 fans strong at the time this sentence was tapped out. But the real laughs are to be had from an indignant blog post from ScienceBlogs scribbler ”Isis the Scientist” of On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess… (haha, don’t you get it? Her name is Isis, the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility and her blog is called, eh heh…). You’d think a blog on a site called ScienceBlogs would be more about, y’know, SCIENCE, but Isis would rather chew up their bandwidth to show how shocked, appalled, offended she is that people would dare to find this incident funny.

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