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Will the healthcare bill cover sewing someone's jaw shut?

Quote of the day:

‘If you’re trying to be bitchy, you’re doing a good job.”

Said by Barney Frank’s boyfriend to a pair of bitchy opthalmologists on a flight from LA to Boston when Frank wouldn’t talk to their drunk stupid asses. (source)

I don’t even understand what the healthcare bill did. Sorry to plead such ignorance, but I really don’t give a fuck. I have lots of money, really good health insurance, and I can only give a fuck about so many items at a time. Healthcare isn’t one of them. I get it, they are gonna tax me more so that poors get better health care. Fine. I don’t mind. My tax dollars support a lot dumber shit than that.

The only thing about the healthcare debate that I really give a fuck about is that I wish the whiny idiots who keep wanking on about it would SHUT UP Its done. Lets see how it flies. The republic is not about to come crashing down because some Wal Mart greeter is now going to be able to get his genital warts removed.

Every one of you who is bitching about the Healthcare bill who didn’t bitch just as loudly when the PATRIOT Act passed is going to have to shut up. If you didn’t complain about what the PATRIOT Act did, you can’t bitch that Obama is a “Fascist” for wanting to take a few bucks from rich people to help poor people not live in diseased misery.

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