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The First Amendment is a Beautiful Thing

Somewhere… sometime… somebody got it in their mind that christianity and sex were incompatible. Then, someone else got it in their head that christians couldn’t just shut their traps and believe in their Magic Space Zombie Jew and their other assorted fairy tales — they had to actively work to interfere in other people’s lives.

Case in point, Magic Space Zombie Jew believers seem to relish protesting outside of strip clubs and sex shops. Usually it is just a comical spectacle — a bunch of kooks standing outside a dildo store waving signs that quote some crappy book written by a bunch of nitwits 2000 years ago who wiped their asses with their hands and obviously tripped on some kind of hallucinogens.

New Beginnings Ministries church in Warsaw, Ohio is one of those churches that helped turn me away from my youthful stupid willingness to believe in the MSZJ fairy tales. Its pastor, Bill Dunfree, and some of its congregants have a habit of showing up at The Foxhole — a strip club in Newcastle, Ohio. They whine into bullhorns and take photos of the clientele and their car license plates — so they can post them online.  By habit, we really mean fixation, as this conduct has continued unabated for four whole years.

While I think that the pastor’s activities are absurd and tell us a lot about his inner demons, I also believe that they are most likely First Amendment protected activity.

Which is what makes the rest of this so delicious…

The Foxhole’s owner gathered up a bunch of his dancers and protested outside the church. (source)  Clad in bikinis, the performers mock close-minded churchgoers with their god-given – and possibly surgically enhanced – gifts.  Not merely poetic justice, but reminiscent of PCU’s infamous “we’re not gonna protest” protest scene.

Personally, I think that the local government ought to shut the church down — I mean, between the church and the strip club, which one is more likely to harbor child molesters?  The church can’t even withstand a mild dose of its own rancid medicine, either.  Protest, and thou shalt be protested.


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