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Vince McMahon's (World Wrestling Entertainment) wife for senate – Aww Yeahhh, Brotherrr

By J. DeVoy

Linda McMahon, a Connecticut Republican, took the erudite Peter Schiff into the political steel cage tonight and, while two combatants enter, only one may emerge.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your political affiliation) the winner was the former CEO – and wife of the current CEO – of World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly the World Wrestling Federation.

If victorious, I have no doubt that McMahon will take a steel chair to Washington’s spendthrift policies.  There is, in fairness, little doubt as to Linda and Vince McMahon’s business acumen, turning a little-known professional wrestling outfit into a publicly traded global brand within 30 years.  Something about how she earned her money by having grown men throw one another through tables for the entertainment of millions seems to validate the critiques many offer of both the Republican party and the United States in general.

For those possessing even glancing familiarity with professional wrestling, the jokes write themselves.  For everyone else, it seems to be a day of rumination.  The principles that guide our electoral behavior, if any, seem badly broken when style can readily triumph over substance.  Despite the high humor potential in this situation, it’s too distressing to further consider.

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