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U.S. v. Stevens and being a vegetarian

Jon Katz has a thought provoking piece on how the U.S. v. Stevens case should make us consider our position on eating animals.

I wish for Stevens to be an opportunity not only to celebrate and strengthen the First Amendment, but also for people to re-examine their relationship with and treatment of all animals, both of different species and their own species. Human rights violations continue running too rampant worldwide. Too many people accept violence and the threat of violence as normal for controlling others, for flexing muscle, and for carrying out their daily activities. The human-on-human violence and threats of violence include parents who hit their children lightly or more brutally, police and soldiers who lose a sense of self control over their power to arrest and shoot, governments that mass arms and soldiers, street criminals, and the list goes on.

Physical violence is not the only blight on society. To be sure, a lack of general compassion towards all causes much harm in society, and too often leads to physical violence. (source)

My food consumption is one of my admitted hypocrisies. While I agree with everything Katz has to say about this subject, I simply love eating animals. Even veal and foie gras. I don’t see changing that (but never say never). Nevertheless, I do think the argument is compelling. Believe it or not, I consciously try to be more compassionate every day. I think that Jon makes a very strong, if not indisputable, point.

Nevertheless, I will eat a Ribeye tonight and foie gras every time I see it on the menu. Meh… nobody said I was the buddha.

For a contrary perspective, there is always the ever-entertaining Maddox.

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