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Immigrant Equality under the Law

While freely acknowledging my lack of formal legal qualifications, I believe I am correct in thinking that equality under the law is–well, kind of a basic concept.

How, then, does our esteemed president (who never shrinks from making arrogant judgmental assertions on topics far outside his constitutional authority) suggest that the Arizona bill to criminalize illegal immigration under state law is a violation of civil rights?

If he is correct, then all immigration laws violate civil rights, and should be abolished.

As an immigrant myself, I went through all kinds of shit to become a naturalized citizen. I am therefore displeased to see any group of people violating the law with impunity and then receiving special favors. Back when I was a mere visitor to this nation, it never remotely occurred to me that I could remain here illegally, and then demand to remain here permanently, and receive free services in the meantime. It was inconceivable.

The repatriation of illegal immigrants has been dismissed as “impossible” (as if practicality trumps law!) because of the sheer numbers involved. Yet if you do the math, estimating the number of people that can be carried on buses and trains, the entire problem could be resolved within 5 years. The fact that people have not done the math suggests to me that they do not want to do the math–for reasons which I find incomprehensible.

If immigration laws are in some sense unjust or inappropriate, let them be revised. In the meantime, let them be enforced like any other laws–equally. And if the Federal Government lacks the will to do so, let the states perform that duty.

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