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Unhinged tinfoil hat lawsuit of the day

By J. DeVoy

When the first paragraph of your civil complaint alleges this…

…Plaintiffs allege the financial and banking system imposed on them by the Federal Reserve Banking System is a violation of their Constitutional and Human Rights.  That the banking system practiced by the New York Federal Reserve Bank, owned and controlled by the Defendant Wall Street Banks [Ed.’s note – includes Citigroup, Citi bank, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan but *not* Goldman], is the most sinful and evil PONZI scheme man is capable of devising.  It will permit them to control the financial and political systems in the New World Order, advocated by owners of Wall Street and foreign banks and the present key leaders in our government.  America will then cease to be a sovereign nation.  All Americans will lose their Constitutional rights and will be even more economic slaves of International Banks than now.

…you might need to stop listening to Coast-to-Coast, cease reading Infowars, and break that bad habit of searching YouTube for “NWO Conspiracy FEMA coffins Bilderberg Illuminati Bohemian Grove.”  I’ll cede the point on economic slavery, but due to vanity and shortsightedness rather than a vast global conspiracy to impoverish the masses.

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