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You call THIS porn?

Flori-duh State Senator, Mike Bennett (R) was (gasp!) “caught watching porn” during a senate session. (source) And the pile on begins… the story even made today’s news in Sweden.

While I enjoy watching Republicans fall from grace over sex scandals, this one is a non-issue. First off, the image was hardly “pornographic.” Second, the image was on his screen for a brief moment. Third, which of you have never screwed off while at work, whether it is looking at a racy photo or checking on how your fantasy baseball team is doing?

Bennett isn’t my favorite legislator, but his record hardly seems to be one of a socially conservative demagogue. His explanations were not the best, but in this round, I side with Bennett and say that the Sunshine State News should try real journalism and leave the tabloid crap to the tabloids.


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