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Aaah Throw Pizza in Your General Direction!

I had a link to the youtube video of the Fenway Pizza Throwing Fiasco. Unfortunately, MLB doesn’t think that this was fair use, and it has been removed.

Honestly, the best part is the announcers’ commentary about it.

Here is the video, until someone cries about it:

Part 1


Part 2 (This is the really funny part)


What is rapidly becoming my favorite sports blog, Deadspin, provides the best reporting that I could find on the incident:

It’s ultimately a tale of fans shit-talking each other and one beleaguered Boston girlfriend just trying to keep the peace while her drunken Red Sox boyfriend wants to fight. Boston ladies … this is pretty much what every day is like, right?

Basically, the guy who missed the ball and received the pizza toss had, earlier in the game, been mocking the pizza tosser for eating a pizza in the stands. So when he missed the foul ball, all was fair game.

They had been giving us shit about it,” Madore said. “Next thing I know, there’s a fly ball to left field and it goes foul and my buddy says, ‘You want some pizza now?’ And he hits him right in the face. Hey, the guy wasn’t paying attention. When you’re in the stands you’ve got to be ready for anything – a foul ball, a flying slice of pizza, everything.

On a personal note, I believe that I know this guy. While the “victim” appears to be completely innocent, it sounds like he was trash talking. Now, that doesn’t necessarily justify beaning him with a slice, but I kinda get it.

I believe that the guy who got pelted with the pizza is a friend of a friend (I’m confirming this). I met up with the guy at Boston’s The Good Life back in, gosh, it must have been 2002 or so. He ordered a cosmopolitan. Yes, that’s right. A man ordered a cosmopolitan. I asked the waitress if she’d also bring him a little black dress to wear while he drank it, but she said that none were available. I am happy to see that in the video, he appears to have learned how to drink properly.

Update and correction — this was not the cosmopolitan guy. Wrong guy. To the best of my knowledge, this man has never ordered a cosmopolitan.

The Comments on Deadspin are absolutely hilarious. Some of the better ones:

  1. “Get him a body bag, yeah!” wrote:

    Later that evening…

    “Bro, you don’t even fahckin know guy, dude was like tossin pizzas at me like it was fahckin Pearl Hahbah kid. So I says to Sully I says “Dood, should I fahck him up?” and Sully’s like “I dunno guy, you’re pretty hammahd. Then I called my Ma and tole her to leave the door unlocked cuz I’ll be home wicked late tonight.”

  2. “Da Mang” wrote:

    There may have been a second thrower from the Green Monster.

    Having been to Boston a few times, I’m willing to bet the term “You Fahkin Homo” was used more that once in that little exchange.

  3. “Will Leitch’s Unfinished Novel” wrote:

    Ahh, bringing me back to my wistful days of yore sitting in the old ballpark. Fenway truly brings out the best in people.

    *wiping a tear away from eye*

I came across this while reading about the incident. It has no bearing on anything, except how funny Jerry Remy & Dennis Leary can be together:


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