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ABA Rearranges Chairs on the Deck

The ABA has hired its first “Chief Marketing Officer.” (source).

The ABA has been bleeding 2,000 and 4,000 members per year since 2008, when membership stood at 408,000. ABA membership isn’t growing at the same rate as the profession, said former ABA President Carolyn Lamm,>> a partner in the Washington office of White & Case. The association doesn’t even represent half of all U.S. lawyers anymore, she said.

Yeah, no shit. How on earth could the ABA grow at the same rate as the profession? The worthless sacks of shit at the ABA see nothing wrong with accrediting new law schools, with standards that have nothing to do with law practice, meanwhile there are about as many unemployed “lawyers” as there are Asian carp swimming toward Lake Michigan. To put a cherry on it, the do-nothing morons at the ABA think its just peachy to export legal work to India.

And they think that they need a marketing officer. Yeah, that oughta help.

Do your part today. Cancel your ABA membership.

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