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To my Entertainment Law Students:

Yes, used to send you to the Entertainment Law class page. Since I am developing three new sites, I needed to use this as a referral page for all the classes. You can get to the Entertainment Law course by using I apologize for any inconvenience. If you are not graduating this May and you are considering taking either my sports law course (this summer) or either my copyrights or trademarks courses next semester, feel free to poke around the websites for those classes, but understand that none of them are even near final development. That being said, any feedback you may have for me would be most welcome.

-Prof. Randazza

This website is set up to be a source for information that is common to all of the classes that I teach at The Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law.

Most substantive materials will be found on the class pages themselves. Therefore, this site will serve as more of a skeleton site and a portal to other sites.

To date, the only fully developed site is for my Entertainment Law class. I will be developing the Sports Law site over the course of this semester, for full launch during summer of 2007. My Trademark Law and Copyright Law classes were first taught in 2006, and did not have fully-functioning websites. Nevertheless, I am retrofitting those classes and websites will be available by Fall 2007.

I hope that the materials are of use to my students as well as the public at large.

I am also a practicing attorney with Weston, Garrou, DeWitt & Walters. My practice focuses on First Amendment law, intellectual property law, gaming law, and internet law. If you wish to consult with me in that capacity, please contact me directly at my law firm. You may use the “contact” form for this purpose.

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