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ACLU Challenges "cyber bullying" ban in Tennessee

The international association of crybabies has had quite a lot of success getting “cyber bullying” into the national lexicon, and following that, getting new laws passed in order to make sure that nobody’s feewings get hurt on the Internets.

Tennessee’s new crybaby law makes it illegal to post any images that cause “emotional distress” to any individual.

Rep. Larry Miller, D-Memphis, said he believed it was too broadly drafted. “I think about some of the e-mail I’ve gotten from constituents that were quite emotionally distressing and I wonder where we’re going with this,” he said. (Source)

It is pretty obvious where “we” are going with this. The do-nothing crybaby academics whined about people’s feewings being hurt, and politicians love to pass laws to limit free expression. You can bet your ass that if this law stands, one day there will be an indictment over someone making “hurtful” statements about a politician or a police officer. Thank goodness for the ACLU, which is challenging the constitutionality of the law. (source)

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