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AK47 Pwned

Excuse me while I greedily devour this slice of humble pie.

It appears that the statements made by the infamous “AK47” were far worse, and more extensive, than those that appeared in the AutoAdmit complaint.

I have previously railed against AK47, but suggested that he should be outed by a bounty, rather than by a subpoena. See here.

It appears that Keker & Van Nest opened up the whup ass file in drafting this opposition to AK47’s terrible motion to quash. However, I must say that it was a whole lot of overkill. The same thing could have been accomplished in a one-line opposition “the issue is moot.” Apparently, AT&T has already outed AK47. Accordingly, the 29 page opposition is a bit puzzling.

My guess is that KVN must be using this case as a “training exercise” for its younger attorneys. Otherwise, I can’t see why they would be going to the wasteful lengths they have thus far.

If you want to see the dumbest thing ever done in litigation, feast your eyes on this letter that AK47 sent to the Plaintiffs’ attorneys.

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