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All Your America Are Belong to Us!

By: Zac Papantoniou – Weird Legal News Satyriconista

Apparently, The Moorish American Science Temple (MAST), is pretty pissed off at… well, pretty much everyone in Illinois, but especially at Washington Mutual Bank, the Cook County Sherriff’s Office and the Chicago Police Dept., because the Temple’s Fiduciary Board Members filed suit against those three (3) parties yesterday, along with “all known and unknown parties acting in concert.”

Why? Because the MAST members believe that they are “sheiks” who have descended from aboriginal North American (or in their words “Northwest Amexem”) “Peoples” who have been on our soil for over 50,000 years. Because of these beliefs, the MAST members claim that they own the land, which houses the “Windy City,” along with the United States of America, by “birthright and inheritance.” Due to the MAST “owning” this Great Land, and not the “fake” lien-holder, WaMu, the members don’t believe any U.S. Government agencies should be stepping foot near the MAST temple and “harassing” or evicting (in MAST’s words “kidnapping”) the MAST members. Of course, this makes perfect sense! How could we have not been taught this in 8th grade “History” class?!

[The Complaint] – “The Moorish American Executive Sheik/Fiduciary Board Members v. Washington Mutual Et Al”

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