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An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Yeah, I love Gandhi as much as the next guy… unless the next guy is Saoud bin Suleiman al-Youssef. Mr. Saoud bla. bla. alphabet is a Saudi judge who is presiding over a battery case in which the victim was rendered paralyzed by spinal damage inflicted by the defendant. He has been asking around to find a hospital that would be willing to snip the defendant’s spinal cord right about the same place that he hacked his victim’s spinal cord apart with a meat cleaver. (source). Apparently, defendants in Saudi Arabia are frequently sentenced to “eye for an eye” punishments. One guy got his teeth pulled out because he smashed out another guy’s teeth in a fight, and some defendants have caused blindness in the victim, so they get their eyes burned out.

What I think would be better, and smarter, would be to sentence the perpetrator to serving as the other guy’s slave for the rest of his life. Somebody has to take care of him, and why have two cripples when the care of the victim can be provided by his attacker?

And if he fucks up that job, then he gets his spine cut. There’s a nice incentive to do a good job, eh?

H/T: Legal Blog Watch

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