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Attorneys Say Righthaven Presenting Judge a "False Choice"

Vegas Inc. reports on Righthaven’s recent motion to stay a $34,045.50 attorney’s fee judgment obtained for Wayne Hoehn by Randazza Legal Group. Marc Randazza and J. Malcolm DeVoy opposed Righthaven’s stay, writing:

“The road ahead of it requires it to convince the 9th Circuit that this honorable court erred on standing, erred on fair use and abused its discretion in awarding fees,” their brief said. “With odds like that, whomever is making decisions at Righthaven should steer far clear of any sports books in Las Vegas.”

The article further described the briefing’s arguments that Righthaven had failed on fair use grounds, and that additional fees for Hoehn’s appeal should be included in the bond Randazza sought to be posted with the court.

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