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Jeb Corliss is working on a plan to skydive and land without a parachute. (source)

I initially wrote about Corliss’ case in my article, BASE Jumping and the Law. In that post, I wrote about how Corliss attempted a jump from the Empire State Building, but was apprehended just as he got over the suicide fence. New York then charged him with reckless endangerment on the theory that had he made the jump, he very well could have hurt people below. This theory was successfully argued by the prosecution in United States v. Carroll, 813 F. Supp. 698 (E.D. Mo. 1993).

Corliss convinced the court that he planned the jump very carefully — so carefully, that nobody could reasonably call his conduct “reckless.” The judge bought it and dismissed the case.

Unfortunately, the Appellate division reversed and remanded. Not sure what became of that case.

Good luck Jeb!

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