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W00t! W00t! It’s the Hayes Blog L00t!

Hola! Chris is back with more L00T!  This is a lovely collection of the best from the friends of the Satyricon this week.

Corporate Stiffness is Bad for Innovation, Particularly in the Tech World


Being a Boston guy, I had to reference this post by Lee Gesmer at the Mass Law Blog.  The post presents the differences between the technology areas of the Rte 128 corridor in Massachusetts and Silicon Valley.  Gesmer points out the massive changes in the tech sector since the 1990s Internet boom in Silicon Valley, and how the region has left the Boston area in the dust.  It really comes down to the corporatist structures in the tech world that put Boston on the map in the 1980s despite lacking the openness and meritocracy of the entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.  By the mid 90’s, Silicon Valley had left Boston’s tech corridor in the innovation dust, as the open networks and openness in the business culture allowed new ideas to thrive.  Check out the rest of the story at Mass Law Blog here.

Interfaith Projects Should Include Interfaith Religious Text Burnings


Ken Gibson at Windy Pundit appears to draw a different conclusion than most bloggers on the issue of the burning of Korans. Instead of trying to get upset about the burning of a holy text, perhaps we need to make the event more inclusive by burning numerous religious texts of many religions.  As Gibson suggests “barbecuing a cow using Bibles for fuel and using the ashes to draw Mohammed” may not go far enough.  Apparently many more religions should be involved.  Read more here.

Sex Offender Free Zones?


Gideon at A Public Defender blog writes an interesting piece here defending the rights of sex offenders.  This clearly doesn’t happen often so you should check it out.  Apparently, Connecticut has resisted efforts to clamp down on sex offenders by imposing residency restrictions.  Gideon believes that the Nutmeg state should be providing some sort of treatment centers for sex offenders, and it appears CT is seeking to do just that.  However NIMBY activists are on the march. Apparently the righteous residents of Montville, CT have sought to pass an ordinance banning sex offenders from parks, playgrounds and other places children inhabit.  Gideon argues that since we can never completely eradicate sex crimes against children, there may be more effective uses of police resources than standing around the park looking for predators.  See if you’re convinced, I’m not sure if I can get there.

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