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Anonymous Speech

Gators Attack Juicy Campus

University of Florida Student Body President, Kevin Riley, and Chief Information Officer, Marc Hoit, recently issued this letter to the Florida Attorney General asking that the Florida Office of the

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Auto Admit Update

I have been meaning to blog about this, but I’ve been obsessed with fatherhood… fortunately, Dave Hoffman over at Concurring Opinions sums up the pwnage that was visited upon AK47

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AK47 Comes Back Swinging

AutoAdmit pseudonymous defendant “AK47” has made a few errors in judgment. First his statements on the AutoAdmit board. Bad judgment? Yes. Legally actionable? Probably not. But, that didn’t stop anyone

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AK47 Pwned

Excuse me while I greedily devour this slice of humble pie. It appears that the statements made by the infamous “AK47” were far worse, and more extensive, than those that

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