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Ok, Hero Status Revoked

I thought this guy had brass balls the size of grapefruits and announced that he was my new hero. (link). I reverse myself. He got really lucky that time. If

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Nothing to do with law….

I just stumbled upon this blog entry and had to share. Dude walks into a business for a big meeting. While he is checking out the “cute administrative assistant,” he

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Is Disney Bringing Back Jim Crow?

Apparently four black teens were ejected from Downtown Disney for… wait for it…. loitering under Disney’s new “anti-gang, no-loitering policy.” Read here. One also “made ‘kind of smart remarks’ to

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Cliff Heller – Updated

It has been six months since “the incident.” I’ve obviously not taken it very well. Rest in Slack, my Brother. [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] This probably seems irrelevant until 3:00 or

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Take That Carol Burnett!

Carol Burnett isn’t funny. Sorry, maybe it is a generational thing. Maybe I have become numb to her corny humor after too many marathon sessions watching Jackass and South Park.

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Carol Burnett v. Family Guy

This is a pretty funny lawsuit. Family Guy used Carol Burnett’s likeness (well, a cartoon depiction of her “Charwoman” character) in one of its episodes. The depiction shows Charwoman working

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