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Is Disney Bringing Back Jim Crow?

Apparently four black teens were ejected from Downtown Disney for… wait for it…. loitering under Disney’s new “anti-gang, no-loitering policy.Read here.

One also “made ‘kind of smart remarks’ to Disney security.” For this, they were detained, photographed and fingerprinted. The penalty for not respecting Walt’s authoritah? Banned for life from Disney property.

Seriously, how in the hell can you bust anyone for loitering in Downtown Disney? Isn’t that what the place is for?

Well, looks like the Fascist Mouse really stepped in it this time. While four black youths being harassed by bigoted peckerwoods isn’t anything rare, this time they just might get called on it. One of these “dangerous” youths who refused to respect Disney’s authoritah is the son of a civil rights lawyer.

That’s right. If Mickey wants to sing “Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta,” he had better make sure that the kids he is mistreating are actually powerless and poor. Oh no Pluto! One of their dad’s is a lawyer!

Nobody has organized a boycott yet… but I avoid that place anyhow. Talk about pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped, garbage culture. Disney is the kind of place that makes me wish that the movie Fight Club was real.

Interestingly enough, I was prowling around Disney’s corporate offices the other day, and found this document in a folder marked “Classified.”

Top Ten New Ideas for Disney World! (after the jump)

  1. George Allen’s Macaca Jungle
  2. George Wallace’s Wild Ride – Guests get to slide down Main Street USA while Disney workers cheerfully spray them with fire hoses! Yaaaay!
  3. Separate water fountains. “Gangsta” and “Non-Gangsta”. That way we don’t have to profile anymore. Just bust anyone who uses the “Gangsta” fountain.
  4. Pick your own cotton candy day for black youth groups. Watch that whip, kiddies!
  5. Don’t y’all get uppity land!
  6. Lit’racy tests for park admission. Oh wait… that would exclude every white person who voted for our pal, George W. Bush. Never mind.
  7. Seminole County Poll Workers will now work the ticket gates.
  8. Adding “The Bantustan Experience” to the South African pavilion at Epcot. Add a “Soweto Shanty” hotel and “randomly” assign guests to stay there.
  9. Everyone loves a good minstrel show! Have Mickey perform “Mammy!” in blackface. If anyone complains, just tell them “hey, lighten up, it’s just a joke!” If they insist on “talking smart,” then sic the 101 dalmatians on them.
  10. Change street lights on Main Street USA to burning crosses. It burns less fossil fuels. We’re not bigots, we’re environmentally friendly!
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