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Ass Hat


“If you protest, you’re just inciting the police to shoot you, so what do you expect?” Pretty stupid, huh? How about, “if you don’t want people to protest, then don’t

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Update – Comfort Women Video

Yesterday’s post, Mayer Brown, shame on you. (日本、ストライサンド効果へようこそ), might come into better focus (if you need it) if you watch this video. [youtube=] These are the women that the lawsuit

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More on operation "involuntary porn"

For those of you who liked the “” posts, there is an ongoing lawsuit against the owners of a site called “” Read, enjoy, crowdsource. Like I said before, I

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Still more on

If your pictures are posted on, contact me. I will represent you free of charge, and I have received many offers from lawyers in other states willing to do

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