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DUI laws and the Constitution

by Charles Platt Florida has joined the growing list of states that are raising revenue by stopping drivers at random (not with probable cause) and forcing everyone to be breathalyzed–on

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Worst. Dad. Ever.

Dad puts 14 year old son on a Southwest Airlines flight (bound for Flori-duh, of course). On flight, older woman gets frisky. The older woman allegedly made sexual advances toward

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Flori-duh State Senator, Mike Bennett (R) was (gasp!) “caught watching porn” during a senate session. (source) And the pile on begins… the story even made today’s news in Sweden. While

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TSA Employee Confirms Theory

I am laughing so goddamned hard reading this. I keep re-writing jokes about it, and then deleting them. Y’know, sometimes shit is just funny enough without any commentary. This dude

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Alan Grayson wins a muzzle

By J. DeVoy Alan Grayson, the Democrat Congressman from central Florida, has been on a hot streak for bad PR.  In December, Marc broke the story about Grayson’s poor reaction

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