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Belly Laugh for the Day

Rick Santorum got a little more than the coffee he was expecting from his mobile phone app. n00b reveal update: Turns out this is satire (see comment below from Aaron

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Kids today.

Move over Florida!  Looks like Arizonans are overtaking you in the WTF department. Not content with traditional methods of imbibing alcohol, Arizona teens are soaking tampons in Vodka and shoving them

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“Got the weirdest catalog in the mail. Basic premise: buy cute animals for starving children in Africa to eat.” – A friend of mine on his Facebook Page.

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If Dr. Laura sang 'nigga'

by Tatiana von Tauber …she might have gained a new audience and kept her radio show.  Aside from her, here’s a fantastic expression of words like “fuck you” and “nigga”.  Context is

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If I get asked about Congress’s postal power on the bar exam, I will cut someone.

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I will be on this guy’s show this evening.* [youtube=] *Joking

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