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Lulz over "Lulz"

It is always funny to see kids get the better of a journalist. This Sunday’s New York Times article The Trolls Among Us has at least one hilarious example. “Lulz”

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Is are kids learning?

[youtube=] Hat tip to Wonkette who had this hilariously snarky analysis. This, presumably, was to explain this secret classified report: If you have to spend more money on one thing,

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Seven Deadly Sins

This was fun, and no surprise. I took the “Seven Deadly Sins Quiz,” and here are my results. Greed: Medium   Gluttony: High   Wrath: High   Sloth: Low  

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Lesbian Humor

No, that isn’t an oxymoron. I’m not directing you to Feminist Law Profs (which is the humor equivalent of sucking on a dirty sock full of charcoal ashes), but to

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100,000 contest extended

Ok, it seems like my readers are just waking up. The 100,000 hit image contest is in full effect now. click here. This wasn’t an entry, but this is probably

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Best… Fair… Use… Ever?

Safe for work… I promise. If you have no idea who Bauhaus was, or if you never saw the movie “The Hunger,” don’t bother clicking. Everyone else… click.

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Beavers are a tasty treat…

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on “New threat to our way of life.” No, not gay marriage — Pythons. At 20 miles a month, a determined Burmese python from Florida

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