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Polk Couny

Fleeting Expletive = 179 Days in Jail

Yes, its Polk County again… Chris Wilson reports on Judge Dale Durrance’s latest exploits, as does the Lakeland Ledger. Joseph Javaun Woods was on probation for possession of marijuana, and

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Keystone Polk County

Cue up the Benny Hill Theme….. Chris Wilson reports on more Law Enforcement hijinks in Polk County. Grady Judd is trying to create a “no First Amendment Zone” in between

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Nice Work, Polk County!

As anyone who has been paying attention knows, Grady Judd has been on a moral crusade to repeal the First Amendment in his fair Polk County, Florida. He had his

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Good Ol’ Grady Judd

Florida’s favorite anti-First Amendment crusader, Polk County sheriff Grady Judd, recently said one of the most foolish (and if you think about it — scary) things I’ve ever seen in

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