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Good Ol’ Grady Judd

Florida’s favorite anti-First Amendment crusader, Polk County sheriff Grady Judd, recently said one of the most foolish (and if you think about it — scary) things I’ve ever seen in print. Judd said. “I could write the inside story on criminals who hide under the cover of free speech.” Hide under the cover of free speech? Is this guy for real?

This is a guy who Christopher Wilson describes as an “ultra-conservative redneck sheriff.” (source). I believe that Chris was being quite kind in describing Judd that way. Of course, Judd thought that Wilson belonged in prison for 100 years because Wilson posted some “dirty pictures.” See “Casualty of Porn.” This is what Judd considers to be “crime.” Consenting adults looking at pictures of other consenting adults = crime.

I disagree with Wilson on one issue. Judd is no “conservative.” Conservatives believe in reduced government involvement in our private lives. Judd is a buffoon who panders to the worst of the religious nut jobs who wish to foist their own censorial views on the rest of us. He should not be sheriff, nor even a law enforcement officer. He has no respect for his oath of office (the portion that says “I will uphold and defend the Constitution…”), and is a threat to freedom. Lets face it, Al Qaeda never tried to take away my First Amendment rights. Judd would be right at home in Iran or Saudi Arabia. Perhaps their home-grown morality police could recruit him and save the rest of us his antics? Please?

His comments are here in the Lakeland Ledger. I encourage you to visit that post and place your own comments alongside his.

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