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Student Speech

Student speech codes: A year+ in review

By J. DeVoy Greg Lukianoff and Azhar Majeed of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) recently compiled two years’ worth of academic publications mad possible through FIRE’s Jackson

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New Rule…

…No American patriotism allowed on Cinco de Mayo.  It might get in the way of Mexicans celebrating their defeat of the French (an unimpressive accomplishment, really, since everyone beats the

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By J. DeVoy Although SLAPP suits are uncommon events, they influence real-world, extradjudicial interactions between different entities – especially in disputes.  Groups and individuals can leverage tacit threats, insinuations and

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MEEP – M33P is teh L33T!

Today, I was at the Children’s museum in San Diego, and I scrawled MEEP on the chalkboard. You know why? Because it’s my goddamned right to do so, and because

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