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Charity Project – Please Help

I usually don’t solicit donations for charities, but this one is dear to my heart.

As you are likely aware, Florida has a large homeless population. You may have heard about efforts to make it illegal to feed the homeless in public parks in Orlando. The homeless here may not suffer from the deprivations of winter storms, but it appears that violence is on the rise against the homeless here. I am seeking donations for a project called “arming the homeless.”

Pursuant to Florida Statute Sect. 256.051 and Sect 256.10, Florida now has a strong “stand your ground law.” Citizens are permitted to defend themselves from perceived threats with deadly force. Of course, nobody condones violence, but the homeless do need to protect themselves. We will be holding a fundraiser to purchase small .38 caliber pistols for the homeless, and on Tuesday evening, the Roy Moore hunt club will be sponsoring firearms lessons for Orlando’s homeless.

Please join me in supporting this important project. I believe that once the homeless have learned responsible gun ownership and how to safely handle a firearm, they will be much less likely to be the victims of brutal attacks, and the responsibility that comes from owning a firearm can have a positive effect upon these people that may change their lives for the better.

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