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Cool video / Our predictions come to pass

By J. DeVoy

In March, I speculated that a third Creative Commons-licensed album was forthcoming from recording business pioneers Nine Inch Nails.  This recently came to pass… kind of.

First, music was released, but from How To Destroy Angels, Trent Reznor’s side project with his new wife.  Second, no word yet as to whether the forthcoming album will be released under a Creative Commons license or traditional copyright license.  The group’s first single shows a copyright registered to the Null Corporation at,  but so too does Nine Inch Nails’s 2008 Ghosts I-IV release, which made a big splash upon being released under a Creative Commons license.  Therefore, the best information available on this subject is inconclusive for now, and the first How To Destroy Angels album may still be released on a Creative Commons license.

The music evokes Kidneythieves‘ early promise, hinting at what may have been for that band with a halfway competent producer.  Others liken Reznor’s wife to Yoko Ono.  For good or ill, the endeavor has produced this really great music video:


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