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Evel Knievel finally dies – age 69

Reports Yahoo News

I don’t say “finally” as a sign of disrespect… au contraire. Any other man would have been dead decades ago. But you can’t kill Captain America.

Knievel was my childhood hero. He was the personality behind posters in my room and a lot of my toys. I went from my toy Evel Knievel motorcycle to the real thing as soon as possible. There was a bit of the Knievel inspiration in me when I made my first skydive… and when I made my last.

He was just freakin’ cooool. Even when he started up his little spat with Kanye West over a music video parody, I couldn’t bring up any bile for my old hero.

Appropriately enough, he passed away at age 69… days after making peace with Mr. West.

Do not rest in peace, Mr. Knievel, kick some ass over on the other side.

And say hi to Cliff for me.

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