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Flori-duh: We vote for change but fail to do so

On behalf of myself and my fellow Satyriconistas: congratulations to PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama’s capacity to unite and inspire was proven today when millions of Americans chose hope and idealism over fear and negativism. May he lead our nation with the same intelligence, charisma, fortitude, and integrity he has shown during his campaign.

As my best friend – a minority in this country for far too long – texted to me: “Its a new day.”

Unfortunately, Flori-duh did not get the message. Yes, my state voted for Obama. But, we also voted to retain a bigoted, useless constitutional provision authorizing institutional racism. Amendment 1, which would have deleted a superfluous constitutional provision allowing the legislature to prohibit “aliens ineligible for citizenship” from owning real property, was defeated 52% to 48%. We also approved – by a greater than 60% margin, mind you – a constitutional provision designating an entire class of persons as second class citizens. The Florida “Marriage” Amendment, defining marriage as between a man and a woman and disregarding any other type of committed relationship, has passed.

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