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Ghostbusters is the Greatest Film Ever Made (???)

Caitlin Moran argues that Ghostbusters, not Star Wars, is the greatest film ever made.

Meh. Personally I don’t think too much of Star Wars either… before we get to her logic, lets get this marvelous piece of writing out of the way.

“What art should be about,” they will say, “is revealing exquisite and resonant truths about the human condition.”

Well, to be honest — no it shouldn’t. I mean, it can occasionally, if it wants to; but really, how many penetrating insights into human nature do you need in one lifetime? Two? Three? Once you’ve realised that no one else has a clue what they’re doing, either, and that love can be totally pointless, any further insights into human nature just start getting depressing, really.(source)


Anyhow, Moran’s theory is that since Ghostbusters gave us more memes than Star Wars, then Ghostbusters is supreme. Star Wars gave us one… “Luke, I am your father.”But according to her followers on Twitter, Ghostbusters has at least 50 lines that you can use in everyday conversation.

Sure, if you’re a lame ass.

By her math, The Big Lebowski is the greatest film of all time. Ghostbusters. My ass.

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