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GoDaddy follows Google's lead, exiting China

By J. DeVoy

In response to new regulations requiring domain name registrants to supply the Chinese government with extensive personal information, including photographs, has announced its intention to stop doing business in China.  Since 2000, GoDaddy has been one of the leading domain name registrants in the United States, but may be best known for its controversial Super Bowl advertisements.

Ultimately, this is a win for those concerned with privacy, and especially those concerned with anonymous domain name registration.  Yet, even with Google’s backing, it’s unlikely that China’s policies will change.  Because domain registration and web search are such competitive fields, a race to the bottom by market participants or entrants will ensure that the Chinese government gets exactly what it wants.

h/t Ferdinand Bardamu, whose many relevant links are a reason – sometimes the sole one – to view my facebook news feed.

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