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Sir Rogier Say "Hillary = Bush Lite"

Rogier van Bakel

No, that’s not a reggae version of an anti-hillary song, it is one of the latest installments over at Nobody’s Business

If you want four more years of Bushian policies — including the excessive love of l’état-c’est-moi-style executive privilege, including the refusal to end the war in Iraq, and including big-government showdowns over morality — you may have your pick of Clinton or McCain. If you prefer someone who respects constitutional restraints and appears to genuinely believe in checks and balances, Obama’s more likely to be your man. (source)

I couldn’t agree with him more. After her “Three AM ad” she lost any chance she may have ever had of getting my vote.

Of course, my favorite story from this election cycle is the spat between two anti-Hillary groups (neither of whom I agree with). See Clash of the Anti-Hillaristas.

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