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I Hate it when Jon Katz is Right

Ok, not really. I actually love that Jon Katz is right. I frequently link to his blog because he has a sense of justice mixed with a Buddhist sense of balance and this Gandhian “be the change you want to see in the world” view.

Jon has a marvelous post about the importance of remaining calm here. I think I am about a decade or two behind him in my spiritual development. But that’s okay… as long as I am calmer today than I was yesterday, right?

Another excellent lesson from elder Katz is here. What can trial lawyers learn and apply from Gandhi, MLK, and the Dalai Lama? I must admit that when I fight on the side of a client who is clearly being abused, and when opposing counsel has clearly forgotten his or her oath of attorney, it gets my hackles up, and I do let anger get the better of me. This is a weakness as a litigator, not a strength.

I recently encountered this weakness in a relatively inexperienced attorney. I’ve finally come to the point that I do not let it affect me when a younger and less experienced attorney behaves badly. This is because I can reflect back on what a bastard I acted like when I had only a few months’ experience. When you can recognize a flaw in an opponent that you once shared with them, it is relatively easy to show compassion.

My next step in my voyage to Katz-ian practice nirvana I think will be much more difficult. That step will be showing compassion and understanding for someone who should know better. I’m working on it.

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