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I wonder if anyone's considered this angle yet

by Jason Fischer

A new law in Oklahoma requires women who seek an abortion — including when the pregnancy results from incest or rape — to (i) have an ultrasound performed; and (ii) have the fetus described to them (source).&nbsp; (Apparently, a few Oklahoma lawmakers have been watching too much television, where everyone goes all gooey as soon as the woosh-woosh-woosh noise starts and that unrecognizable, grainy image pops up on the tiny monitor.&nbsp; <cueViolins>”It’s a GIRL!”</cueViolins>)

&quot;Don’t force your morality off on me!&nbsp; Or else I'll squirt this gel all over you!&quot;

Not particularly shocking news, coming from the buckle of the Bible Belt.&nbsp; I wonder, however, if anyone has considered the First Amendment implications.&nbsp; Can the state require an ultrasound tech to describe the fetus?&nbsp; Not if some pro-choice tech doesn’t want to.

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